Date and time

12th May from 9:30 to 13:30


All Matters Rust

Target audience

Any ticket holder


Open patio inside the Venue

Based on the core concepts of unconferences and open spaces we have created a new disruptive, scalable, fully decentralised, secure, and resilient session called unconfakerence.

While unconferences are supposed to be participant-driven meetings without an agenda or topic to be discussed, in the case of this unconfakerence there will be a predefined topic about Rust (aka RUST for some C++ programmers) on which different suggestions and subtopics will be raised.

The organisation will be led by Dr Roland Kuhn with the help of Arno Schots, and Gonzalo G. Jimenez, members of the JOTB organizing committee.

The Law of 2 feet prevails

If at any time during the session, a person feels that they are not learning or contributing, they have a responsibility to get up and move, use both feet to move on to something interesting.

Can anyone join the unconfakerence?

Only attendees with Early Bird, Standard Tuna and Last Callamar tickets can access the unconfakerence.

Can I join if I donĀ“t know anything about Rust?

Of course, unconferences and open spaces are places to learn and share.